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Successfully Funded Projects to date:

  • Ice Maker: A new bespoke flake ice maker will be installed in Hastings Fish Market. Ice is of great importance to the fishing industry as it keeps fish fresher for longer. The new facility is more environmentally friendly with less water wastage. The fit out will also include restoration to the storage room. The ice maker will benefit the Hastings fishing fleet and wider community. This project meets our criteria for a more sustainable fleet and supply chain. The project received 80% from FLAG worth£63,374
  • Aspiring Chefs Academy: Education Futures Trust are working with students from local secondary schools to train young aspiring chefs in cookery skills and understanding of the local fishing industry. Based in Classroom on the Coast in the Stade Hall, they are running their own pop-up restaurant every Tuesday lunch time (term time only) and serving the catch of the day. As the course progresses, they will host business networking lunches and produce a film about Hastings sustainable fish with the hopes of increasing fish sales locally and encouraging new buyers. The project received 75% funding from FLAG worth £45,644
  • Supporting Sustainable Sepia Stocks: Sussex IFCA are producing a scientific study into the mortality rates of cuttlefish eggs that are often laid on fishing traps. They are working with Hastings fleet to develop new traps to ensure the fishing methods continue to be sustainable and retain healthy stocks post fishing effort. Sussex IFCA are also researching the life cycles of eggs where there has been little research in the past. The findings could inform all cuttlefish fisheries. Due to the innovation of this project it received 100% FLAG funding worth £48,316 although Sussex IFCA are offering in-kind services.
  • Hastings Fish Brand: The FLAG and Hastings Borough Council wanted to create a local brand for Hastings caught fish to promote and raise awareness of the sustainable practices of Hastings fishing fleet and celebrate local produce. The aim of the brand is to potentially increase profits for fishermen in the local area. To achieve this, a brand has been created and launched with its own website and social media channels; merchandise has been produced for wholesalers, restaurants and fishmongers who sell Hastings fish so the consumer knows where they can buy from. Cookery classes will be held in Classroom on the Coast so people can learn how to cook with some of the more undervalued species. It is hoped that the brand will also achieve national recognition. Chef, CJ Jackson from Billingsgate Seafood School is promoting the brand through blogs, magazine articles and TV appearances as well as bringing large organisations to Hastings so they can see first-hand the premium fish that is caught with the hope that they will invest in the produce. This project received 100% funding from Hastings FLAG as it is seen as a priority area within EMFF. Hastings Borough Council are also offering in-kind services.
  • Mini Digger: A mini digger has been purchased by Hastings Fishermen's Protection Society so that fishermen can maintain Hastings fishing beach and provide a safer working environment for the fleet. This project received 60% funding from FLAG worth £7,920.
  • Stade Barriers: Hastings Borough Council will replace the current lifeboat and EHSAA barriers that are currently in need of repair with a new fob system. This will allow only a certain number of necessary vehicles to access the fishing beach. This should ease congestion on the winch service road and improve access and safety for the fishing fleet. This project received 75% funding from Hastings FLAG to the value of £18,846.
  • Fit to Fish: Thrive Tribe ran a 12 month project to identify the biggest health and wellbeing concerns and provide an on-site health coach and referral process for the fishing industry and local community. This project received 75% funding from FLAG worth £46,712.91
  • Marine Litter Project: Hastings Borough Council ran a project around the effects of litter on the marine environment. Along with raising awareness of this, new bins were installed along the promenade and seafront. A pilot of installing bins on the beach during the summer and a marketing campaign around reducing marine litter were undertaken. This project received 75% funding from FLAG worth £62,564.29
  • Marine Litter Prevention in Hastings: Marine Conservation Society ran a project focusing on preventing marine litter specifically in Hastings. Through local engagement with businesses, schools and at local events an overall awareness of the issues has been raised. Several local beach clean events ran and part of the legacy for this project is that schools now have the equipment to undertake future beach clean events. This project received 50% funding from FLAG worth £9,109.53
  • Chiller:Hastings Fishmarket Enterprises purchased and installed new chiller units in the Fishmarket. The new bespoke units supports the whole fleet in keeping the fish fresh and is more eco-friendly and efficient. This project received 80% funding from FLAG worth £30,552.47
  • Fishmarket Improvements:Hastings Fishmarket Enterprises ran the second phase of its improvements to the outside of the Fishmarket. This project received 60% funding from FLAG worth £4,500.00
  • Various individual fishing applications: Hastings FLAG have supported individual fishermen with projects such as vessel health and safety improvements, improvements to winch sheds and purchasing new bulldozers to help launch boats. The FLAG has funded all of these projects at 80% to the total value of £48,000
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